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Frequently asked questions

What is the expected response time for my help ticket?

Our support team is working hard to get to your requests, with the goal to respond within 2 business days! Please note - estimated response time may increase during periods of heavy purchasing, such as the holiday season.

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Is Fluz free to join?

Yes! Fluz is a 1000% free. There are no sign-up fees, ongoing fees or hidden fees. No fees, ever. Fluz prides itself on being able to deliver network earnings and bonuses to our members without relying on fees to do it.

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Is Fluz secure?

Fluz uses 2-factor authentication, vaulted data storage and industry leading encryption protocol to protect our members. We also ensure any exchanged data is aliased to protect against interception.

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How do I use my digital gift card code?

Fluz uses discounted digital gift cards to offer you cash back. If you've just purchases a gift card from Fluz, present it to the cashier or paste online like you normally would with a gift card to complete your purchase.

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What payment methods does Fluz accept?

Fluz accepts bank cards (debit or credit), PayPal, ACH transfer / bank payment and Fluz balance to earn cash back with the purchase of gift card codes.

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How do I earn using Fluz?

You can earn money using Fluz through 3 primary methods. Making purchases through the app, completing bonuses and challenges, and through your network when they make purchases.

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